Attorney Maurice King’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

July 2018

Atty Maurice King

The Americus Sumter Observer has reported to the Albany community the rage of Maurice King after his office manager left his law practice. “He became a different person from the King his friends have known for years”, according to Former State Representative Lawrence Roberts. He stopped associating with friends who met for dinner several weekends, including Dr. John Marshall, publisher of the Observer. An article in the February 2018 edition of the Observer entitled, “Attorneys Cohilas and King Conspire to Damage Commissioner John Hayes.”

The article reports how livid Maurice King became when his long time office manager went to work with John Hayes at Capitol City Bank. That is when he stopped associating with Roberts and Marshall. He made a retaliatory move on Commissioner John Hayes by representing Assistant County Commissioner, Mike McCoy in a lawsuit against the Dougherty County

Commissioners. He claimed the Commissioners were retaliating against
McCoy by not promoting him to the County Administrator position. The reason given was because of a minor dispute between McCoy and Hayes in Savannah, GA.

The conspiracy developed deeper when Commission Chairman Cohilas used his position to settle the $50,000 claim and awarded it to McCoy. In the meantime, Carlton Fletcher of the Albany Herald published seven negative headlines about the Hayes McCoy dispute in order to degrade Hayes. The conspirators, Commission Chair Cohilas, Carlton Fletcher, and Maurice King did serious damage to Commissioner Hayes’ reputation.

The Observer reported in the April 2018 issue that Attorney King lost a similar case in Macon. The title was, “Attorney Maurice King: A two Time Loser”. He was trying to get the Macon County Commissioners to advance their assistant County Manager, Charles Coney, to County Administrator. He lost the case and the County hired another person who happened to be Black like Coney.

We are informing the Albany public of the irrational behavior of Attorney Maurice King following the resignation of his office manager. He has damaged a very stable law practice, he lost a case in Macon, and is about to lose the case here in Albany for Mike McCoy.

Maurice has made several unforced errors, his judgment is now in question, and his vindictive rage against
Commissioner John Hayes has hurt King more. This is what can be called self-inflicted wounds that he may not ever recover from.

Marshall says, “Lawrence and I can’t believe a friend like Maurice would go so far as to get even with Commissioner Hayes at all cost. And it appears the madness was because his office manager left him. We are praying for our friend and strongly suggest he get professional help.”