LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY ® God Is On Your Side – You Are Not Alone

July 2018


Dr. Andrea Oates

Alone. Isolated. Misunderstood. Marginalized. There are so many words that could describe some processes in our Christian experience. It’s interesting. When you’re in the world and doing things the world’s way, you are never at a loss for “friends” and people that seem to support your lifestyle. But the minute you give your life to Christ AND submit yourself to become a true servant, you enter a process of development that will eventually lead you to some lonely times.

It would seem that being a Christian would mean that all would go well with your life. Because your purpose is solely to please Him, you image that the world would welcome a person that’s well-meaning, sincere, and peaceful. But that is so far from the truth. If the world hated Jesus, then the world will hate you. And just as Jesus was misunderstood, isolated, marginalized, and went through periods of aloneness, so will you and I.

But when you understand that what you’re going through is, first, temporary, and second, necessary, it makes it easier.

Yes. There will be seasons when God allows you to experience dryness in relationships and even in ministry. But it’s not to hurt you. In fact, it’s to bless you and grow you beyond your current limits. Many times God wants to prune your life because your life can get in the way of your advancement. So He will begin to pare down your life for you. You will experience a loss of friends, a loss of relationships with family, a decline in favorable work relationships-just an overall decline in your avenues of interest. If you’re not spiritually-minded, you may even think that you’re cursed or that you’ve committed some sin that God just got around to judging you for. But if you are in tune with God, you will realize it’s just one of those periods in which He wants to be alone with you to further your growth and development.

Jesus often went aside from people to be alone. And the strength He carried from those alone moments propelled Him into a ministry that transformed the very lives of people. Joseph spent some time separated from his family and friends. It was the most unfavorable of circumstances, but it took him to the place where His very dreams were fulfilled. And the list goes on and on. When you study the Word, you will find that those that were most impactful were those that experienced rejection and isolation.

So know that these experiences will work for your good. Your time of aloneness is just your time for you and God to deepen your connection. And remember that He is on your side. He is always there for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. No matter who is missing on your left and right, God remains.

The Word declares that it’s not good for man to be alone. And that is true. But we cannot deny that on the path of righteousness, God requires some alone time with Him. Many times we enter into those moments unwillingly. But if we remember that He’s set aside that time for a special impartation to get you to your next level, you can relax and enjoy the moment. It will truly be time well spent.

Continue in blessings…
Matthew 26:36,
Hebrews 13:5, Matthew 28:20