Friendship Baptist Church Association in DeSoto, GA Celebrate Centenarians (100 year-old citizens)

January 2019

Staff Reports

On the 5th Sunday in April, at Friendship Baptist Church in Desoto, Georgia hosted a special birthday party on behalf of the Friendship Baptist Church Association six church cluster. With Attorney Kenneth Cutts from Congressman Sanford Bishop’s office in attendance, six nonagenarians and centenarian citizens, hailing from Sumter, Lee, Schley and Dougherty counties, were honored. These citizens, ranging in age from 92- 101 years old, represented a combined 571 years of knowledge, fighting racism, educating our children, building trades and service to the Lord. Pictured are Sis Ella Payne, Sis Bobbie Woodard, Sis Emma Minter, Sis Alpine Sweet, and Sis Elizabeth Waters. Not pictured are Deacon R. C. Mercer Along with Attorney Cutts, they are joined by the moderator of the Association: Pastor W.R. Campbell, president and vice president: Deacon Oscar Cooks and Pastor Mathis Wright. WHAT A BLESSING, WHAT A MOMENT, WHAT A GREAT SOURCE TO KNOW OUR BLACK HISTORY. Please wish them Happy birthday if you see them on the street.