Batemans Give Others Hope With In Vitro Fertilization Success

February 2019

Alvin and Shanika Bateman welcomes baby Princeton Dean Bateman after a successful In Vitro
Fertilization procedure.

By David Leonhardt Opinion Columnist

From the beginning I always knew I wanted to give my husband a child, but there was one thing stopping that from happening. I had my tubes tied after my third child. So we talked about the situation with Dr. Marshall, and he recommended In Vitro Fertilization. We Waited for a year and started the process at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Ga. under the care of Dr. Spencer beginning in February 2018. There were sleepless days, and restless nights, taking hormones driving back and for to Atlanta from Americus, and to our surprise we were pregnant after one IVF cycle. The process was long and tiring but it was all worth it. On November 30 2018, God blessed us with our beautiful baby boy, Princeton Dean Bateman. We are so thankful
that Dr. Marshall helped to give us the courage to follow through with this process. With a lot of praying by us, family and friends, God answered our prayers. We want to thank Dr. Marshall for all the encouragement. Love always. The Bateman’s.