February 2019


As we journey through this Christian life, we have been charged with living in a kingdom that we don’t know everything about. Therefore, we have collected masses of materials to augment the Bible. And we listen to messages to get keys to breakthroughs and answered prayer. All of these things are great! In fact, the Bible supports gaining instruction, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Without these operating in our lives, we would be clueless as to how to manifest the kingdom of God on this earth and in our lives.

However, after working through 12 steps to this and 10 keys to that, it can get pretty overwhelming. But how to establish lasting change and transformation is not a well-discussed topic. How do you keep the weight off after you lose it? How do you stay free after you’ve been delivered? How do you maintain the passion you felt when you first began this Christian journey? Although the questions are myriad, I believe that the solution is singular.

There comes a time in every believer’s walk of faith that you simply must stand. It’s not about praying…all of the prayers have been prayed. It’s not about fasting…you have skipped many meals. It’s not about giving…because you have given everything, including your heart. And it’s not about finding the next step to get the victory…because you have already done all that you know to do.

It is in these seemingly dry, seemingly powerless stagnant places that the only thing required is to stand. Simply locking your spiritual knees lets the devil know in no uncertain terms that you will not give up, cave in, or quit. You will not get weary in well-doing. You will not faint. And you will not move from believing on the Word.

Standing is a powerful concept. After all, only the strong can stand and remain standing. Those that do, stand in spite of adversity, temptations,

warfare, trials, and tribulations. We tend to think that standing is passive and cowardly. However, the Bible states that standing requires fearlessness and courage. There is no other sign of victory than to STAND. When you stand, you are exercising the Word! God declares that He gives us every place that our foot treads upon. That means that wherever we plant our feet, He has commanded the victory. How? Because we have tread upon the serpent or scorpion that ran rampant in that territory. And while you are standing, the Word promises that you will see God fight your battles. From your position, you will see God bring you through just like His Word promises He will.

The Bible admonishes us to rest in the Lord, stand still, and see His salvation. In the original interpretation, stand means to “stand firm, remain, endure, be erect, be upright, continue, and be steadfast.” Lastly, still means to be at peace, relax, and rest. Although standing your ground may not be easy, it is simple.

When you are at a standstill, don’t think that you are not progressing. Just like a baby beginning to walk, the longer you stand, the stronger your stand becomes. Before long, you will not lose your footing. And when you take steps forward to conquer new territory, you have left an indelible footprint on your previous victories.

So as we go forth to conquer, lay hold on new territories, and occupy until he comes, let’s not forget that standing exerts our authority. So don’t minimize standing, realize its strength and use it as we go forward to advance the kingdom of God! And by all means, don’t loose your footing. Stand on the promises of God and watch everything around you fall at your feet, bowing to the Christ in you-the hope of glorious manifestations.

As Donnie McClurkin sang, “After you have done all you can, you just stand.”

Be blessed.

Exodus 14:13, Joshua 1:3, 2 Chronicles 20:17, Job 37:14, Psalm 91:7, Proverbs 24:16, Ephesians 6:13-18; Galatians 6:9