Celebrating 400 Years of Black History from 1619-2019

March 2019

Dr. Veronica Adams Cooper

Albany, Ga – The year 2019 marks the 400-year milestone of the August 1619 arrival of captured Africans in the then English colony at Point Comfort, Virginia, present day, Fort Monroe in Hampton. The global community and USA are in the early stages of efforts that will consecrate, commemorate, and celebrate this remarkable period in human history.

Individuals, families, communities, churches, organizations, businesses, and government agencies are encouraged to observe this 1619-2019 African American Quadricentennial. There are several opportunities available including those listed below.

Internationally, Ghana, Africa, is sponsoring a reunification effort known as, The “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” (http://www.blacknews.com/news/ghana-year-long-marketing-reunification-initiativemarking-400-year-anniversary-enslaved-africans/).

Nationally, the 400 Years of African American History Commission is sponsoring activities (https://www.nps.gov/orgs/1892/africanamericanhistorycommission.htm). The Commission is charged with planning and executing activities that will recognize the resilience and contributions of African Americans and that will acknowledge the impact of enslavement and subsequent laws of racial discrimination.

Locally in Southwest Georgia, the early implementation phase is underway for, “The Artesian

Renaissance: A New Season Honoring The 1619-2019 African American Journey for Freedom” (i.e., The ART). Similar to the European Renaissance and the Harlem Renaissance, it features the arts and humanities for stimulating progress to recover from a period of social distress. The Artesian Renaissance serves as a social healing narrative/theme/platform to help increase community and economic development for communities collectively and strategically celebrating the 400-year milestone through the arts & humanities, culture, and other fields/arenas via artistic creations, events, programs, activities, services, and products presented in 2019, 2020+, and/or annually.

The Artesian Renaissance was created by Dr. Veronica Adams-Cooper through her public service as a professor of public administration specializing in community and economic development and social equity at Albany State University (www.asurams.edu). She implements, The ART, through her roles as founder and president of the ARTriumph Historical Society for The Artesian Renaissance (www.artriumph.net). Dr.Adams-Cooper may be reached at 229-299-8480 or artriumph@honor1619-2019.net.