LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY ® God’s Got You Covered

March 2019


Dr. Andrea Oates

The word “cover” has many meanings and various implications. In a dictionary, you can find the following definitions: overlay, overspread, envelop, enwrap, cloak, conceal, screen, counterbalance, and compensate. Its application extends from protection to making up the difference for. But no matter which stance we take with the term, God truly has us “covered” in every sense of the word.

In Psalm 140:7, it says that He covers our head in the day of battle. In Psalm 139:13 it states that God covered, or protected, us while in our mothers’ wombs. Isaiah 51:16 declares that God covers, or cloaks, us in the shadow of His hand. Isaiah 61:10 proclaims that we are covered, or enwrapped, in a robe of righteousness. And last, but not least, Romans 4:7 reveals that God covers, or conceals, our sins. One thing about the term “cover” is that it carries the connotation of being entire and complete. That means that God does not partially cover us, but that God does a complete and entire work with nothing missing and nothing lacking for every imaginable need. Isn’t He an awesome God?

The experiences of Peter offer two examples of a covered life. In Matthew 17:24-27, Jesus paid Peter’s taxes along with His own. He covered his debt. How? By sending him to fish. And in the work of Christ, God definitely covers His laborers. In Acts 12:1-11, King Herod wanted to execute Peter for furthering the gospel of Christ. This was a perilous time because James had been martyred days before. Peter was imprisoned with sixteen soldiers surrounding him and guards that watched over the prison door. But is there anything too hard for God? An angel of God caused him to walk right through his enemies to freedom. It was so stress free that Peter thought he was dreaming.

Sometimes life can be difficult for Christians when we forget who God is, how great He is, and how impossibilities are possible with Him. We war so much that we sometimes forget that the greater One resides in us and is on our side to ensure our victory. Sometimes we forget that the Lord will fight our battles. When we do, we get weary in warfare. When we become drained by the continual struggle, we can begin to complain. However, this is not unusual. In fact, Paul experienced the same type of weariness.

In 2 Corinthians 12:6-10, Paul shares his experience with us. The more Paul walked in the Spirit, received revelations from God, and ministered to others, the more he was attacked. Now I can’t say what the “thorn in the flesh” was, but I do know that anything in the flesh is trying to hinder you from walking in the Spirit and in Truth. Paul was frustrated and asked God to deliver him from it three times. But it’s interesting-God’s answer was “no.” He refused to move it. Instead, He gave Paul another revelation-that His grace was more than enough to cover him. And with that revelation, Paul was no longer tormented by the thorn. He walked in the Spirit in the midst of his trials.

When you get a revelation that God has got you covered and that His grace is sufficient for whatever it is you are going through, you become a different person. You smile in the midst of adversity, bless those that persecute you, and declare that He is Jehovah Jireh in the face of bills and collection calls. When you truly know that God has got you covered, you will run to fight your Goliaths. You will walk on water. You will fulfill your destiny. Why? Because you know that God will never let you fail.

God did not let Jesus fail. Jesus was betrayed and endured unimaginable torture for sins He did not commit. But before He went through the experience, God strengthened Him. And God will strengthen you to go forward as well. How? One way is to meditate on Hebrews 12:1-3. Although Jesus did not enjoy what He endured, He stayed focused on His destiny. The cross was just a step in the process. His destiny was to ascend on high to be seated at the right hand of God, the Father. So set yourself. Stand your ground. Don’t let anything deter your from your destiny. Remember that God is with you, watches over you, and will not allow a single weapon to prosper in your life. He has charged His angels to take care of you. And nothing shall by any means harm you. God wants YOU to know today that He has got you covered. So don’t give up. And don’t give in. Your breakthrough is closer than you think. Stay encouraged. And live life more abundantly.

May you abide in His richest blessings…