Senator Sanders’ Young Supporters Missed the Peace and Prosperity of the Bill Clinton Years

April 2019

We are shocked to see so many young people supporting the unknown Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont and are rejecting the well-known former New York senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. If you didn’t live in the 1990’s during the Clinton’s administration, you missed some of the best days in America. When President Clinton left office, he had a national budget surplus, had the lowest poverty level, created 23 million jobs, and kept the nation at peace.

Our young people ages from 18 to 30 years old did not live during those great times in our nation. When President George W Bush took office after Clinton, we witnessed one of the greatest declines in the economy
since the Great Depression under Republican Herbert Hoover. And by the time President Barack Obama was elected, the economy was worse than the Great Depression.

What our young millennials need to focus on are their real enemies, the Republicans, and who has the best chances of defeating them in the Nov. election. Many of the policies that President Obama and the Democrats have tried to enact were obstructed by the Republicans. Sanders and Clinton supported Obama but the Republicans kept blocking his programs.

Now we have Bernie Sanders struggling to defeat Hillary Clinton with so many young people supporting him, who expect him to deliver on his promises.

Unfortunately, he was asked by a reporter at a New York newspaper how was he going to reform Wall Street, and how would he break up the banks. He appeared unprepared for the questions and gave an unintelligent response.

Hillary Clinton was asked about Sanders’ unpreparedness and said, “After talking about Wall Street and the
banks for more than a year, he did not have a plan to present to the newspaper.”

Senator Sanders is promising to provide free education to college students and Medicare for all citizens of
the United States. Several respectable economists do not agree with this plan as it would run the deficit to over $20 trillion. The tax rate will increase from 35% to nearly 70%. The hopeful young people are rallying behind Bernie Sanders but they have not researched the facts and the realities of such promises. Do Senator Sanders youthful followers perceive him as Santa Claus coming early with all his campaign promises?

We wish the young voters will support Hillary Clinton if she becomes the Democratic nominee. Many of the older voters who lived through the successes of President Clinton’s period are supporting Hillary. It is difficult for the established voters to support Sanders who is not a Democrat and not well known. Hillary has been known for over 40 years, and she has been brutalized by Republicans most of her adult life.

Even though the Republicans tried to impeach Bill Clinton, he still managed to end his presidency with the best economy we have ever seen in recent times. Hillary Clinton was a partner with Bill in the White House eight years. She was trusted by President Obama who named her Secretary of State. The older Americans have decided to support Hillary and we pray the young people will do their homework and see what a great president she will make.

Finally, the Crime Bill and the Welfare Bill during the Clinton era were bills that the Clintons are not proud of and have apologized for them. As Black citizens, we know how rampant the drugs and killings were in our community in the 1990’s. Many police chiefs, Black and White elected officials, and even Bernie Sanders voted for that Crime Bill. The Republicans would not let it pass unless the sentences were expanded and even the death penalty was included.

We have never seen a perfect administration and the Clinton period is no exception. But we must thank God for a period of peace and prosperity under Bill and Hillary Clinton.