Edge named CEO of Americus Housing Authority and Clay Jones is Sumter County Commission Chair

May 2019

(L-R) Reverend George Edge, First Lady Lindsey Edge, Tammy Jones, and Commissioner Clay Jones

By Staff Reports

Americus and Sumter County are showing great signs of progress.

Clay Jones has been a County Commissioner for 7 years and he is serving in his second term. He is in District 1 where the new Americus High School building will be built. He has two women as co-managers of the County Commissioners, Rayetta Volley and Janet Jarvis. This is the first time we have two women in the County Administration. He is married to Tammy Pettyjohn Jones, a District Field Representative, office of Congressman Sanford Bishop. They have three adult sons.

The Americus Sumter Observer asked Reverend Edge about his ascendency to CEO of Americus Housing Authority and he elaborated:

On January 1, 2019, I began a new journey as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Housing Authority of the City of Americus and I am extremely honored to serve in this position. I have been afforded the opportunity to follow a strong tradition of effective leadership in Mr. John C. (Cal) Anderson, largely due to having a board of Commissioners who have given innovative direction, guidance and ideas. As a result of this, I am assuming the leadership of an organization that has balanced policies and a record of sound practices.

I became employed with the Housing Authority of the City of Americus on March 17, 1986. That initial time period is forever indented in my memory, because of several events that transpired early in my tenure with the Housing Authority. The one that is most memorable occurred two days after starting work with the
agency. My previous employer called my home and got the phone number for the Housing Authority from my mother. He called to offer me the opportunity to return to work with the company, but it was located in Alabama. Returning would have allowed me to have a higher paying salary than what I was currently being paid with the Housing Authority, I would have been given my same seniority, I would have been familiar
with the internal systems, and I would have been familiar with the management staff. My reasons for staying with the agency were because I loved Americus/Sumter County and I loved my work with the Housing Authority of Americus, and I could not leave my father who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, I made the decision to remain in A mericus. Later I discovered the main reason I had to remain in Americus was because I was destined to meet my wife of 30 years. My wife,Lindsey Edge is my greatest encourager, and I am thankful that she has chosen to walk beside me on this journey. When we pass by the office complex, she will periodically say “I love you Housing Authority”.

During the last (33) years, I have worked in several capacities. My initial job title was Occupancy Clerk, and my principal assignments were to process applications, maintain the waiting list, and maintain at least 97% occupancy rate. Several years ago, we did cross-training to ensure that everyone was familiar with each other’s position requirements. Afterwards, while I was working with the Maintenance Department, I actually wired up a hot water heater at our Forrest Street Apartments. Other positions that I have held were Occupancy Supervisor, and Manager of Housing, both of which were management positions. The Manager of Housing position broadened my knowledge of all the housing programs which the Housing Authority manages.

As the Housing Authority, the Board of Commissioners, Staff, and Residents move into the new direction which we have never been before, I do so with the same and even greater expectations of continued success which we have experienced in the past.

To our Board, thank you for your confidence in me and for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. To our Staff, thank you for receiving me in this capacity, and please know that I cannot accomplish this task
without your help. To our Residents, I have been afforded this opportunity to serve you for 33 years and I look forward to the many years to come. I constantly remind the staff of your value to this organization. For without you, there would be no us. Thank you for choosing the Housing Authority of the City of Americus as your place of residence, and I covenant with you to do all that is within my ability to continue to provide you with safe, decent, and affordable housing.