How to lose a billion dollars.

May 2019

*I am trying to figure out what I would do with a billion dollars. I am not a greedy man, and I do not consider myself ostentatious by nature. I am closer to Buffett than a Qatar bigwig.

Still, there are some things that I would splurge on: A fully loaded Audi R8 coupe, a lovely ten thousand square foot log home somewhere. (I am guessing in the Shenandoah Valley.) Complete with an indoor tennis court and putting greens. A Navetta yacht to dock on the South Coast of Jamaica in the wintertime so that I can work on my tan. (That was a joke.) I would buy the Philadelphia Union from that cheap ass owner of theirs and fire every person associated with the organization. A G7 always fueled up and ready to go. A legacy endowment at the school of my choice, and a kick ass foundation to fight world poverty and hunger.

I promise you my friends, that after all of that, I would still have enough money saved up and invested to take care of my entire family for a very long time.

Donald trump had a billion dollars in the nineties. It was not money he earned, but money he had handed to him from his dad. Guess what he did with it? He lost it all. Turns out that Mr. “Art Of The Deal” himself was making one bad deal after another, and it was reflected in his tax filings. Mr. trump lost more money than any other person in America during that ten year time period, and if it was not for some shady bailouts from his Russian friends ,and a television show on NBC, he would be just as broke as some of his gullible followers.

For the record, those losses were not just based on write- offs for depreciations on his properties, they were based on real money flying out the gold plated doors. Mr. trump was running his businesses in the red for a long time. Now we know why he has been so terrified of having his taxes made public to the American people. He does not want us to know that his billionaire persona is just a front.

Imagine being born on third base and finding yourself back on first because of your own incompetence. This is what Mr. trump did. And it is looking more and more like he did some very bad things to get back on third.

But that’s all water under the bridge at this point. We elected the con man so we are stuck with him.

Mr. trump is now trampling all over the Constitution. He is treating the other co-equal branches of government as if they all work for him.

Now he is invoking executive privilege to try and prevent the American people— and the people they elected —from seeing the full Mueller report. Throw in the fact that his attorney general is acting like he is his personal attorney, and it’s easy to see why America is in a crisis right now.

Congress voted to hold William Barr in contempt today for refusing to testify before them, but it all means nothing because trump and the republicans who protect him have just as much power as the democrats do. Can you say Constitutional Crisis boys and girls?

Honestly, I don’t understand Mr. trump. If the Mueller report exonerates him as he claims, why is he so afraid to have it released?

“[T]he Committee needs to review the unredacted report, the underlying evidence, and associated documents so that it can ascertain the facts and consider our next steps,” the report reads. It also says about Congress’ Article I powers set out in the Constitution: “That includes whether to approve articles of impeachment with respect to the President or any other Administration official, as well as the consideration of other steps such as censure or issuing criminal, civil or administrative referrals.”

There is that I word again. Your move Madam Speaker. Stop with all the “self-impeachment” talk and being a slave to the polls. You and your party have a constitutional duty to protect the rule of law. If you allow this to go on there will be no election to win or lose in the future. Mr. trump—or someone else like him— will come along and make it all go away.