Sumter County White Commissioners Don’t Care About Wasting Taxpayers’ Monies

December 2019

Reprint from August 2018

The taxpayers of Sumter County should be concerned about the County Commissioners wasting precious tax funds for needless and losing causes. What will they say in the near future when it is time to raise taxes and the costs of services and ultimately raising the millage rate as they are raiding the taxpayers coffers to hire “money hungry” lawyers. These attorneys cater to the commissioner’s wishes and tell them what they want to
hear while the slick lawyers are grinning all the way to their “fat” bank accounts. And they have left the commissioners with more embarrassing losses to Matt Wright and the ACLU.

The Americus Sumter Observer is here to show and reveal to the taxpayers of Sumter County what it has observed thus far as frivolous spending by our commissioners who have a fiduciary duty to spend tax funds
conservatively that benefit the citizenry of this county. The following represents a general chronology of the wasted taxpayers’ monies to date in repeated losing efforts to keep illegal school districts; even after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States issued its final order in reversing Judge Louis Sands district court’s erroneous ruling in favor of the three White County Commissioners.

Judge Sands’ District Court for the middle district of our state-issued a judgment approving a plan for seven (7) member school districts, for Sumter County. The three White County Commission members, George Torbert, Mark Waddell, and Randy Howard, the outgoing chairman, have not stopped spending our hard-earned
tax dollars in total defiance of multiple court orders that the illegal districts will not be tolerated by even a conservative U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta, GA:

  • They hired the million-dollar Ann Lewis Republican law firm from Atlanta, GA;
  • Hired lawyers to fight the ACLU and Matt Wright’s lawsuit to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding
    the erroneous decision of Judge Louis Sands’ in favor of the Sumter County Commissioners’ unconstitutional school plan;
  • The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decided in Matt Wright’s favor by ordering a hearing on the merits of the case in Albany, GA. The White commissioners hired yet another very expensive Washington, D.C. Law firm for that hearing.

Subsequently, Judge Sands of the Middle District of Georgia located in Albany, GA ordered the 7 single-member legal school districts but at the same time he eliminated the two At-Large seats. The Sumter County White Commissioners tried and intended to hold the school board elections in May of this year by using the same illegally sanctioned school districts plan with two At-Large seats.

The Appeals Court denied the school board elections in May because the new school districts had not been drawn.

The White Commissioners interestingly decided to level another appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals again in July, to have the illegally drawn school districts election currently scheduled for November 2018 and that court denied their erroneous and frivolous appeal again.

Judge Sands canceled the November 6, school board elections and ordered them to be rescheduled in accordance with the earlier ruling of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

In this very month, August 2018, the three White Commissioners are challenging even Judge Sands’ order to stop the cancellation of the November school board elections. They are seriously filing another complaint again to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. We know it is already too late to hold the school board elections in November but somebody is making money with so many court cases.

As we were reared in the Black community in the South, our fore-parents were careful to get us to understand and recognize that there are some rabid racists among us and are otherwise referred to as “die-hard racists.” And truly our beloved Sumter County community is experiencing that type of leadership by the three named County Commissioners who have shown their tenacity to freely spend tax dollars to further their useless agenda of preserving the status quo.

Their propensity is to literally flush money down the virtual drain for useless causes to show the Trumpsters in our community that they stand with them as racist nationalists no matter the costs. They are known to give themselves breaks on paying their fair share of the taxes that they so readily find ways to spend them. Why can’t they accept no by the courts, what are the three White commissioners up to?

Again the Three White Commissioners who persist in making these questionable decisions at taxpayers expense, are Randy Howard, the outgoing chairman, Mark Waddell, and George Torbert. Please call or write to these men and demand that they stop their abusive and frivolous court actions that has drained our taxpayer’s budget. Our taxes in Sumter County were increased this year, and at those three commissioners’ rate of spending there is little wonder as to why. You may contact by writing or calling to Address: 500
W Lamar St #1, Americus, GA 31709 and Phone: (229) 928-4500. You may call the office to obtain their respective e-mail address.