December 2019


“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” {Matthew 8:32}

As humans, we are prone to error. After all, no one is perfect. But we must recognize that there are mistakes that have low casualties while there are some that are eternally fateful. Because God, our Heavenly
Father, knows that we have weaknesses, He has bestowed gifts of the Holy Spirit so that we can know what we otherwise wouldn’t know. The Lord gives us knowledge, revelation, and insight that from heaven. He also, as individuals, gives us discernment so that we can know right from wrong and good from evil.

But there is one thing that can override all of the gifts of the Spirit, including discernment. Although God gives us light and insight, we can still miss the mark. Many times it’s of our own volition. That means that we know fully well when we go outside of His will. And then there are others times when we truly are impeded without our conscious knowledge. Some might call such instances blindspots.

In the dictionary, blindspots are defined as “a tendency to ignore something, especially because it is difficult or unpleasant (” In layman’s terms, it’s choosing to overlook what’s right in front of our eyes. As I mentioned, there are times when such mistakes result in light impacts. But then there are times when lives are lost and destinies are thwarted.

One such situation is the experience of the prophet Eli.

Eli and his sons operated in God’s temple before the people. It was reported, however, that his sons were engaged in sin and enticed others to participate. Instead of Samuel dealing with it, he turned a blind eye to their actions. In the process of time, God raised up the child Samuel to serve Him. Samuel notably heard the voice of the Lord calling Him audibly. And later God informed Samuel of the judgment upon Eli’s family
because he allowed sin to reign in God’s house. In the end, both Eli and his sons lost their lives.

Another example of a destiny-altering blindspot in the life of a child of God is Samson’s experience. We know Samson as the man empowered with supernatural strength by the power of God. But what we don’t often recognize is that Samson was anointed, also, as a judge to govern the people of Israel. As with some, Samson’s downfall was falling for a woman named Delilah. The Bible describes her in such a way that it’s evident that she didn’t have a relationship with God. And in several situations, it was evident that her motive was not loved for him but for-profit and financial gain for his demise. Samson was literally sleeping with the enemy. His love for her blinded him to her real agenda. In the end, he shared a secret that she told to his enemies. In the process of time, he went from being one of the most powerful men to a slave blinded by his enemies. Although he was eventually vindicated, his life had taken such a turn that he died in the midst of his redemption.

The Bible goes on and on about people that, at one time or another, gave heed to the wrong people because of their relationship with them. Adam received the forbidden fruit from Eve’s hands. Abraham listened to Sarah and entered into a wrong relationship with Hagar. Ahab allowed Jezebel to rule in his kingdom and turn the hearts of the people to false gods. Their love for another superseded their love for God in those moments.

But there is one example of a man who loved others but was not blinded by their motives. Jesus so loved the world that He allowed His life to be given as a living sacrifice for sin. He came so that we might have life more abundantly. But, by the Spirit of God, He was always fully aware of people. He didn’t have a blindspot. He could celebrate Peter’s revelation that He was the Son of God. And He could also rebuke the devil from influencing Peter when he spoke against Him giving His life for sin. And He could receive a kiss from Judas and know that this was the one that would betray Him.

Christian friend, as we walk along the path that God has ordained for us, we will encounter many tests and trials. While it’s good that we love others, it’s imperative that we love God most. We have to love Him more than we love others and even ourselves. It’s then that we can walk fully aware of who others are in our lives. That way, no matter what role people play in our lives, we can look beyond their titles and actions to see their true motivations. It’s so important that we discern good and evil.

It is evident that a blindspot can surely be those we love. However, we must remember that God requires us to love and serve Him first above all. Keeping Him as the head of your life will ensure that you will run your race and be victorious. As we prepare for a new year, let’s ask God to ensure that we walk in the light of HisWord. We want to be fully operating in discernment so that we know the voice behind the voices that speak to us. And don’t be blinded by things that can trip us up. One thing that Jesus said, even concerning his family, was that his mother and brothers were those that were about doing the will of God. It’s now coming a time when we have to truly ask of everyone, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” Blessings…