Bernie Sanders Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency

January 2020

When Bernie Sanders made the decision to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, we knew it would divide the Democrats. Bernie, an Independent, was shocked by the very positive response the young people made to his promises. He was able to attract more than 30,000 millennials to his rallies. They were promised free college tuition, $15 an hour minimum wage, student loan payments and much more.

As an Independent, he did not express to the young people the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. His speeches attacked the so-called “Establishment”. His audience was left with a negative image of the Democrats and the Republicans. Hillary Clinton is a Democrat who was bludgeoned by the Republicans and Bernie’s poking at her was the beginning of the end for Hillary.

The crowds and the noise turned Bernie into someone we didn’t recognize anymore. He complained that Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS), the Democratic Party Chairperson, was doing everything to hurt his campaign. He claimed the debates were rigged by her. He went so far as to spend $millions to defeat DWS in her Democratic Primary in Florida.

We could not understand why Bernie would have so many progressives turn against Hillary, for example he made an issue of Hillary advocating for $12/hour while he wanted $15/hour. Masses of progressives decided to turn against Hillary for Bernie. The mantra “Feel the Bern” was picked up by many Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites in the leadership of the Democratic Party.

Bernie became a man possessed who was drunk with power. He ultimately lost the Democratic Primary to Hillary Clinton. By that time she was beleaguered and worn down. Meanwhile, the Republicans and Donald Trump’s goons were bashing her daily. The combination of Bernie’s and the Republicans’ bashing led to her defeat.

We wonder what Bernie thinks of the Trump victory that he had a hand in. Many claimed that Bernie was trying to bring Hillary closer to the Left and not operate as a Moderate. That was a costly move to get Hillary to be more liberal than she already is. What a price to pay that resulted in a Trump presidency.

Hillary Clinton would have made a great president of this great nation. She has been in politics since the Watergate Hearings, she was Arkansas’, First Lady, she was First Lady of the United States, a State Senator of New York, and Secretary State under President Barack Obama. And the people voted for Donald Trump, a complete idiot without any experience in government, a business failure, a tax evader, a groper of women, a liar, and so much more.

Bernie has blood on his hands in this case as Hillary is defeated by a babbling idiot who will bring this country down further than George Bush did. Bernie has nothing since the election, he is lost in the wilderness and he has been trying to form a movement that will never happen. The millions of young people will suffer greatly under Trump because they listened to the unrealistic promises of Bernie. In fact, the whole world will feel the damages that a Trump presidency will produce. May God have mercy on us all.