Friends don’t let friends read teleprompters while they are high.

January 2020

Barrington Salmon and Brian Muhammad

So I guess everyone is just going to ignore the elephant in the room.

Hello America! Your president either has a serious drug problem, or he is suffering from some sort of medical issue that prevents him from being able to focus and read a few lines from a teleprompter. He could also have been heavily medicated by his handlers to keep him from going
off script. Whatever the case, it was very scary to watch him.

Honestly folks, this is not even funny anymore. Someone who cares about the man or his family should stage an intervention.

Did you see that speech to the country Wednesday night? If it was meant to assure us that things would be alright, it missed the mark. After watching who we elected to be our 45th president, I was terrified for all of us. (Yes, even you MAGA cultists.) And I know that those of you with a functioning brain were terrified as well.

The man could not complete his words, his speech was slurred, and he was doing more sniffing than Al Pacino during the final scenes of Scarface.

The really sad thing about all of this is that the main stream media didn’t even address it. Some of them (I see you Joe Scarborough) even said that the president’s speech, by his standard, was actually “measured”. Huh?! But wait, it gets worse, Lindsey Graham called it one of the all time great speeches. Right up there with Reagans’s tear down the wall address.

What are we doing here? Are we all going to just bury our heads in the sand together and pretend that there is not something seriously wrong with the man?

Thankfully, though, it wasn’t totally ignored. There were actually some real journalists who chose to write about it and call out the naked Emperor.

“In his address, the president threatened to invoke severe sanctions against Iran, but seemed amenable to deescalating the burgeoning military aggression. Still, the nine-minute address was packed with the president’s standard potpourri of falsehoods, lies, and bouts of incoherence. But the most striking aspect of his speech had less to do with what he said than how he said it. Which is to say, Trump was slurring and snorting through an address that was ostensibly designed to calm a nation on the brink of war.

Trump has never been a particularly graceful public speaker, but his mush-mouth sounded especially pronounced this morning. There was heaviness to his speech, as if he was struggling to talk through cottonmouth. He also had difficulty with the letter S, which he couldn’t pronounce without a drawn out hiss, as if he were a snake. One of the more flagrant examples entails the president mangling the pronunciation of “tolerated” while condemning terrorism.