No choice but to kill.

January 2020

The rap mogul had warned Mississippi officials he was “prepared to pursue all potential avenues.”

Image courtesy of Atta Kenare / AFP – Getty Images


The killing of Qasem Soleimani has had an interesting effect on the American psyche. trump cultists who wanted us to disengage from all foreign conflicts and get the hell out of the Middle East, have all of a sudden become Neocon war hawks. Why? Because there leader, the Orange Mobster, told them that it was cool to want war again.

Let’s forget, for a minute, that none of them knew who this man was a couple of weeks ago. It’s only because their leader told them that this was a bad man in order to justify the administration’s foolhardy move of assassinating a foreign general while he was in another country (Iraq), that they have now decided that Soleimani had to go.

The trump administration has declared that Soleimani was up to no good, and that he had to be killed because he was an imminent threat to America and Americans. That by killing him, we were able to save many many lived. Of course, as is to be expected with this bunch, we are still waiting for something (anything) from this administration, to show us that they are telling the truth. Given their sad history with the truth, though, I suspect that they will not have any concrete evidence that this assassination was done for all the right reasons.

The irony of all this, is that the trump administration, by killing this Iranian general, has unified all Iranians. Their hatred for America, and all things American, has just intensified. This is happening at a
time when the leaders in Iran were vulnerable and their grip on that country was loosening because of all the economic sanctions. Now, having the people of Iran rise up against the leaders of that country seems like a faraway pipe dream.

Iran has vowed revenge, and they said that they will retaliate against America for the killing of their general. I don’t doubt that they will. I just hope that innocent people and our brave servicemen and women will not have to die because of the actions of a narcissist whose only concern is his ego. Memo to my fellow
Americans: You might want to put a hold on all exotic foreign vacations for awhile.